New Equipment Case-IH Specials

Case IH AFS 2016 Service Support Program

Why Have a Support Plan?

  • Minimize down time
  • Design the support that works on your operation
  • Reduce expensive repair bills
  • Access to 24 hour phone support line
  • Be connected to a dedicated precision farming specialist

Precision Farming Specialist

Plant Equipped


  • Have Your Planter Ready
  • Load Planting Variety Maps
  • Firmware Verified
  • Seasonal Calibrations

Precision Ready


  • Guidance Correction
  • Firmware Verified
  • NAV Controller Calibrations

Harvest Ready


  • Harvest Calibration
  • Load Variety Maps
  • Backup Harvest Data
  • Firmware Verified
  • Seasonal Calibrations

Plant Equipped AFS


  • Planting Map Generation
  • Variable Rate Rx
  • Builds a seed population based on factors that contribute to management zones i.e. yields, topography and soil analysis

Precision Ready AFS


  • User/farm/field indices & area management
  • Builds a growers data infrastructure. Consultation regarding names and locations is required to build a successful profile

Harvest Ready AFS


  • Yield map generation and general trend identification
  • Begins to build a precision ag data base. The crop yield will be refined and compiled into usable data sets. General yield maps will be generated via print & PDF

Due to the complexity of some growers, please request a consulation and quote regarding your project

A minimum of 100 acres is required

This is contingent on a data set that is organized and referenced accurately

Precision Nutrient


  • Based on yield of the crop and the nutrients that left the field. The Rx can reflect a fertility building and maintenance program depending on need

Precision Soils


  • Looks at soil chemical analysis and is entered into the growers field management plan. Soil chemistry can be used to create an Rx for upcoming crops and to evaluate plant environmental interactions, both negative and positive.

Soil chemical analysis can be done individually or sampled as a seperate program, call for details on soil bags and forms